Flight and River Tours

Take flight and experience the canyon like never before. The following tours are available and can only be experienced at Grand Canyon West.

Aerial Tour

Fly like an Eagle and explore the Grand Canyon from an Eagle's eyes. Soar through the years of history that have created this amazing natural wonder. A spectacular 12 -15 minute flight will take you through the Canyon for an aerial perspective of endless views not available anywhere else..

Discovery Tour

Fly below the canyon walls and see the Colorado River by the banks. This tour will give our guests a closer look at the canyon walls and the Colorado River. This tour package includes a flight down to the Grand Canyon and landing by the banks of the Colorado River.

Heli-float Tour

A one of a kind experience only at Grand Canyon West. Fly below the Canyon to view the Canyon Walls. Upon landing, a small hike down to the river where a pontoon boat shall take our guests on a river tour of the Colorado River. Our River Guide will share stories of History that is sure to fascinate.

Flight of the Condor

The flight of the condor package is a fixed wing, airplane flight around the Grand Canyon. Flying high above, our guests can see a magnificent aerial view of the Grand Canyon that can’t be seen on the ground. Book your excursion today.