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كولورادو نهر ترميث

Hualapai River Runners

عداء نهر هواباي

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling way to experience the Grand Canyon, and whitewater rafting at Grand Canyon West is truly an experience like no other. Hualapai River Runners offer one- or two-day rafting experiences, led by experienced river guides.

In addition to exciting rapids, hiking at Travertine Cavern Falls, local wildlife viewing, lunch along the banks of the river, and the option to take an exciting helicopter ride from the river up to Grand Canyon West, participants will learn about the Hualapai Tribe and their connection to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

About the Hualapai River Runners

Not only do rafting trips with the Hualapai River Runners provide thrills, incredible views, and a deep connection with nature, but they are also the only Grand Canyon whitewater rafting experience that offers true insight into the people who call the Grand Canyon home.

The Hualapi people have a long history of living along the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Here are just some of the things you can expect to learn about on your whitewater rafting experience with Hualapai River Runners:

  • The shelters and homes that the Hualapai People developed along the walls of the Grand Canyon.
  • The canyons served as a refuge for the Hualapai people when they were being rounded up for relocation in 1874.
    • La Paz information:
  • The Colorado River is a significant landmark for the Hualapai. Historically, all of the Yuman language family tribes were located on or near the Colorado River.
  • There is a common binding creation myth which took place at “Spirit Mountain,” Wikahme, along the Colorado River near Bullhead City, Arizona.
  • The Hualapai people study the geology, plant and animal life, and Hualapai Historical Sites along the river.


One-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip w/ Helicopter | $502

اشتري تذاكر
One-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip w/ Helicopter
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

  • النقل من وإلى Hualapai Lodge
  • Certified river guide trained on river conditions, river rescue, swift water rescue, and emergency medical procedures
  • Dry bag to store your personal items
  • Hike to Travertine Falls
  • Lunch and assorted snacks & beverages as needed
  • رفع مروحية إلى جراند كانيون ويست. إذا كنت تفضل عدم الطيران فهناك خيارات أخرى
  • يجب عليك إحضار الكثير من شاشة الشمس.
  • سوف تنقع تمامًا حتى ينصح بارتداء ملابس جافة سريعة.
  • يبدأ تسجيل الوصول في الساعة 7 صباحًا في بهو Hualapai Lodge. (انظر HRR Concierge)
  • تغادر الحافلة المتجهة إلى نهر كولورادو النزل في الساعة 8 صباحًا
  • الحد الأدنى للسن لهذه الجولة هو 8 سنوات.
  • يمكنك إضافة واحدة من جولتين اختياريتين: Skywalk أو Zip Line. (أضف إلى الطلب أو اطلب HRR Concierge عند تسجيل الوصول)
  • الماء 45 درجة فهرنهايت على مدار السنة.
  • Available Daily from March 15 - October 31.

River Special | $1,952

اتصل الان
River Special
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

  • غرفة واحدة لليلة واحدة في Hualapai Lodge في Peach Springs ، AZ.
  • تجمع وايت ووتر ليوم واحد لـ4 مشاركين. انظر أعلاه للحصول على التفاصيل.
  • يجب عليك الاتصال بخط الحجز الخاص بنا لتلقي هذا العرض الترويجي.
  • يقع Hualapai Lodge على مقربة من خط سكة حديد نشط. تمر القطارات كل 15-20 دقيقة. تتوفر سدادات الأذن المجانية.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Waterwalk Add On | $58

اشتري تذاكر
Waterwalk Add On
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

  • النقل من محطة طائرات الهليكوبتر إلى سكاي ووك.
  • قبول الخط الأمامي إلى Skywalk.
  • النقل مرة أخرى إلى محطة طائرات الهليكوبتر.
  • هذا هو جولة "إضافة على" ل Whitewater Rafters فقط
  • سيكون لديك حوالي ساعة واحدة لزيارة Skywalk
  • يجب عليك استخدام وسائل النقل Hualapai River Runners (شريطة)
  • لا يُسمح بالكاميرات والهواتف المحمولة على Skywalk
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Two-Day Whitewater Paddle Rafting | $931

اشتري تذاكر
Two-Day Whitewater Paddle Rafting
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

  • النقل إلى نهر كولورادو من Hualapai Lodge عبر طريق Diamond Creek Road
  • من ذوي الخبرة Paddle Captain المدربين على ظروف النهر ، والإنقاذ النهر ، والإنقاذ السريع للمياه ، والإجراءات الطبية الطارئة
  • يومين وليلة واحدة في جراند كانيون
  • الغداء والعشاء في اليوم الأول ووجبة الإفطار والغداء في اليوم الثاني
  • رحلة قصيرة إلى Travertine Cavern Falls في اليوم الأول
  • التخييم في سبنسر كانيون
  • رحلة طائرة هليكوبتر من كانيون إلى جراند كانيون ويست في اليوم الثاني. إذا كنت تفضل عدم الطيران ، فيمكن إجراء ترتيبات أخرى
  • النقل مرة أخرى إلى Hualapai Lodge في Peach Springs
  • الحد الأدنى لسن هذه الجولة هو 12 سنة.
  • هذه الجولة تتطلب القوة البدنية والتحمل.
  • سوف تتبلل. ينصح الملابس سريعة الجفاف.
  • يتم توفير حقيبة جافة إذا اخترت إحداث تغيير في الملابس.
  • جلب الكثير من الشمس الشاشة.
  • يمكنك إضافة واحدة من جولتين اختياريتين: Skywalk أو Zip Line. (أضف إلى الطلب أو اطلب HRR Concierge عند تسجيل الوصول)
  • الماء 45 درجة فهرنهايت على مدار السنة.

The Walapai Experience | $3,929

اتصل الان
The Walapai Experience
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

  • غرفة واحدة لليلة واحدة في Hualapai Lodge في Peach Springs ، AZ.
  • يومان للتجديف باستخدام وايت ووتر لمدة 4 مشاركين. انظر أعلاه للحصول على التفاصيل.
  • ممر مائي لـ 4 مشاركين. انظر أعلاه للحصول على التفاصيل.
  • يجب عليك الاتصال بخط الحجز الخاص بنا لتلقي هذا العرض الترويجي.
  • يقع Hualapai Lodge على مقربة من خط سكة حديد نشط. تمر القطارات كل 15-20 دقيقة. تتوفر سدادات الأذن المجانية.
  • يمنحك Water Walk إمكانية الوصول إلى Skywalk لمدة ساعة تقريبًا.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Grand Canyon Stargazing & S'mores | $71

اشتري تذاكر
Grand Canyon Stargazing & S'mores
  • ما يحتويه
  • أشياء يجب معرفتها

Hualapai River Runners now offers an evening of stargazing, astronomy, and Smores under the Grand Canyon's starry sky. This includes round trip transportation from the Hualapai Lodge to Diamond Creek. Guests will be picked up from Hualapai Lodge for a special evening of stargazing. Join your friends and family around the campfire for some Smores before the stargazing begins. Each guest will recieve a star finder highlighting major constellations and astronomical objects. Located 20 miles from Diamond Creek Restaurant in Peach Springs, AZ.
  • Check-in for the tour begins at 6 p.m. in the lobby of the Hualapai Lodge (see HRR concierge)
  • Bus to Diamond Creek departs the lodge at 7 p.m.
  • Weather permitting.

Trip Details

Gam’yu? (Hello, how are you?) The Hwal’Bay Ba:j, People of the Pines, welcome you. Thank you for your interest in Hualapai RIver Runners’ whitewater rafting trips.

Raft trips depart from the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs, about two hours from the West Rim. When visiting please keep in mind that Grand Canyon West is in Mountain Standard Time. Be sure to leave early enough to arrive on time for any scheduled tours.

Your trip begins with an hour long bus from Peach Springs to the Colorado River. Travel on this maintained dirt road is somewhat rough, but despite the rugged ride you can expect beautiful scenery and occasional wildlife. Nothing quite beats the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon coming into view as you make the gradual descent down to the river.

One-Day Trip

If you’ve booked a one day whitewater rafting trip, you will be traveling along 40 miles of the Colorado River with an experienced guide. You’ll experience rapids within the first 12 miles. These rapids are adventurous enough for thrill seekers, yet those who may be a little timid no need to worry. Your guide will have your safety and enjoyment in mind. Your first stop will be at Travertine Cavern Falls for a moderate hike and short climb up into the cavern. After your hike you will enjoy lunch along a sandy beach area. We also provide water, soda, juice, and snacks along the way. If you have any dietary needs, please let the concierge know upon making reservations.

After a nice lunch in the canyon, the last 25 miles of the river trip will be a smooth float. Each of our rafters will take a memorable helicopter ride (weather permitting) up 4,000 feet to the Grand Canyon West terminal and enjoy a unique view of the Grand Canyon. Once all rafters are up at the terminal, those who have purchased the Water Walk Tour will depart on a shuttle bus to Eagle Point and the Skywalk. Your bus driver will let you know where to meet and how much time you have at Eagle Point and The Skywalk. Once the tour is complete the group will head back to Peach Springs.

On your return, you will travel by bus 121 miles to the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs. Three-quarters of the drive back is on maintained dirt roads through a Joshua tree forest and Red Lake, a dry lakebed. The return trip will take around 2.5 hours.

Two-Day Trip

The Hualapai River Runners’ two day rafting trip will also depart from and return to Peach Springs, but the itinerary is a bit different from the one-day trip.


Check-in at the Hualapai Lodge on Route 66 in Peach Springs, AZ.
4pm trip briefing at Hualapai River Runner front desk.


6:30am Check-in at the Hualapai River Runner Front Desk and loading of gear and busses. Trips will depart from Peach Springs. After an hour drive into the Grand Canyon, you’ll arrive at the launch point and begin your whitewater rafting adventure.

Your first stop is Travertine Falls. Enjoy a short hike to this beautiful natural waterfall and bring your camera. Continue your trip to Spencer Canyon, your campsite for the night. Spencer Canyon is where the Hualapai story begins. Set up camp in the canyon for an enjoyable evening and dinner (steak, salad, corn on the cob, baked beans and assorted non-alcoholic beverages).


Start the day with a hot breakfast and short hike (optional), loading of the boats and packing the gear for the second part of the trip. If you have purchased the Hualapai Experience of Water Walk add-ons, pack your personal items separately (jacket, wallet, phone, etc.), as you will take these items with you on the helicopter ride from the river up to Grand Canyon West.

Instead of continuing in paddle rafts, from this point you will board power pontoon rafts and head down the river to the Grand Canyon West helipads. This portion of the trip allows you to sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of the Canyon on smooth waters. At this point, if you are participating in the Water Walk or Hualapai Experience packages, you will disembark at the helicopter pads and disembark for the rest of the adventure. If you don’t take the helicopter from the river to Grand Canyon West, your journey continues down the river, until you are bussed back to the Lodge in Peach Springs.

After loading the Helicopters, enjoy the ride to the top of the Grand Canyon and home of Grand Canyon West. You will unload at the main terminal and board a shuttle to Eagle Point, where you can walk the world famous Skywalk and visit an Indian Village.

Your Hualapai River contact will let you know where and at what time to meet for the return trip back to Peach Springs, AZ. Expected arrival in Peach Springs is around 6pm.

Packing List

In preparation for your rafting trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, we recommend the following personal gear:

  • Shorts (lightweight, fast drying material)
  • T-shirt (lightweight, fast drying material)
  • Hat with visor and strap
  • Rain Jacket/Poncho (for use through rapids)
  • Tennis/athletic shoes or river type sandals
  • Lightweight jacket/polar fleece sweatshirt
  • Lightweight pants (fast drying material for sun protection)
  • Sunglasses with a strap
  • Extra Socks and shoes
  • Swimsuit-optional
  • Bandana
  • Towel
  • Sun block (SPF 30+)
  • Cameras – All cameras should have straps. We recommend keeping your camera in a zip lock bag, even when it is in your Ammo Can (we supply the Ammo Can). Disposable waterproof or panoramic cameras are excellent choices for your trip.
  • Video Cameras – Video Cameras aren’t allowed while the raft is in motion. We have GO-Pros available for rent that are allowed during the float. More information on the Go-Pros can be found at the HRR counter. Since there is no place to recharge batteries we recommend you bring extra batteries. Video cameras will not fit in our Ammo Can, we suggest you check with your local sporting good or camera store for a waterproof bag.

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