Hualapai River RunnersFAQs

Thinking about visiting Grand Canyon West’s location just off Route 66 in Peach Springs? Find out everything you need to know about what we have to offer you in the FAQs below.


When and where will I get my river equipment?

A waterproof bag, waterproof ammo can, and life jacket will be distributed at the launch site. Known as Diamond Creek, it is also where your Guide will orientate you on your whitewater rafting adventure.


Will I need all the things listed on the packing list?

Our recommended list of personal gear is meant to prepare you for all types of weather, and especially the strong Arizona sun. Although we are in Arizona, the cool fall temperatures coupled with the cold Colorado River can make a chilly ride. Remember, you will be on the river for at least five hours.


What about snakes and bugs?

Although we are in a desert environment, mosquitoes and flying insects are not a big problem. And because we spend most of our time on the water, snakes and scorpions are seldom encountered.


Will there be a first aid kit?

A first aid kit is standard equipment on every raft. All boatmen are trained in CPR, First Aide, and Swift Water Rescue.


Is this trip strenuous?

Our trip is an outdoor activity with exposure to the elements. We consider our river trip to be mildly strenuous, requiring some effort.


Where are the toilet facilities on the river trip?

Portable toilets are available at the Peach Springs airstrip and Diamond Creek launch point. Restrooms are also located in the Hualapai Lodge and Grand Canyon West (trip termination point). We strongly recommend using the toilet at one of these sites.



Can we expect rain?

We never know when it will rain. Even if you are taking a summer trip, you should bring a rain jacket/poncho as suggested on our packing list. Many people wear a rain jacket/poncho through the rapids and then take it off after our run through the rapids.

What is the meal like? What beverages are provided?

Water, juice, soft drinks, and snacks will be provided throughout the trip. Each raft will have an ice chest of snacks and drinks. Sandwiches and chips will be served for lunch around noontime. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Who will be our guide?

Our guides are qualified with hundreds of miles of river experience. Each guide is an accomplished outdoor person with a background in natural history and the ability to make every trip a memorable experience.

Do I have to wear my life jacket even when we are not running the rapids?

Hualapai Tribal regulations as well as National Park regulations mandate the wearing of life jackets by all persons in a watercraft at all times.

River Trip Assurance Fee?

River Trip Assurance Fee can be purchased at a non-refundable cost of $25 per person and is highly recommended. All reservations for the HRR River Tours can be cancelled with a full refund or dates changed with the purchase of the River Trip Assurance Fee (RTAF).