Take a Walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is nothing short of an engineering marvel. At 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor and extending 70 feet over the Canyon, there’s simply nothing like it anywhere in the world. So just what can you expect when you walk the Skywalk?

The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive, is that there are no railings around the Canyon.  You literally can walk up to the edge and peer down. The effect that can have varies by person. A natural reaction for visitors is nervousness at the sheer heights of the Canyon walls. But the thrill of walking across the sky on the Skywalk makes it all worth it.

The Skywalk is the largest cantilever glass bridge in the world, weighing 1.2 million pounds. It is constructed out of 46 panes of glass, each weighing about 1,800 pounds. The Skywalk sits above the Canyon floor at almost twice as high as any high-rise in the world. Even at this height, there’s no need to be nervous walking on the sky, the Skywalk can hold 71 million pounds and can withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake.


Everyone is welcome on the Skywalk, including children who are old enough to walk on their own. Most of the terrain at Grand Canyon West is rugged so wearing either hiking shoes or tennis shoes is strongly encouraged during your visit, and shoes are required at all times, including on the Skywalk. When you arrive, you’ll receive booties to cover your shoes to protect the glass as you walk on the sky. 


Guests cannot bring anything with them on the skywalk: no purses or backpacks and definitely no cell phones or cameras. The restrictions are necessary to protect not only the glass surfaces you are walking on, but also to keep the Canyon free from any possible falling debris. There are free lockers available at the entrance for storing your valuables.

Even without your own camera, you can get fantastic photographs of this bucket list experience. Trained photographers line the Skywalk who will take pictures of you and your family in a variety of poses. You are encouraged to get as playful as you’d like on the Skywalk. Photos are often taken of guests lying or sitting on the glass floor, in yoga poses and more. Photos can be purchased by the print or on a USB drive with all your photos.

How much time it takes you to complete the Skywalk is completely up to you. The views are amazing and everyone at Grand Canyon West wants you to soak it up while you are there. Just make sure you are aware of the guests around you, and be aware of those who are having their photographs taken.

The Skywalk is on the Hualapai Reservation, and was built to give people from around the world the opportunity to walk on the sky above a wonder of the world. You’ll find the people of the Hualapai Tribe who work at the Skywalk offer a treasure trove of insights and information. Do not hesitate to ask these friendly experts questions about the Grand Canyon, the Skywalk, their traditions and culture, and what else you simply must see and do while you are visiting Grand Canyon West.

The only way to get to the Skywalk is by shuttle, as private vehicles cannot drive directly to Grand Canyon West. Parking is provided offsite and hop-on, hop-off shuttle service takes you from point to point so you don’t miss any of the attractions. The shuttle is complimentary with a general admission ticket. 

Purchasing tickets to walk the sky is easy. You can get your tickets onsite, at a rest stop ticket center or go online at least one day prior to your visit for the best rates guaranteed. 

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