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The Grand Canyon West is Forever Grand for a reason. Generation after generation has come to experience the Canyon, meet the Hualapai Tribe and become one with the great outdoors. You’ll find enhanced opportunities to fully engage with our Hualapai culture and epic adventures found only at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim so you can make memories to pass on to your family.

Listen to our stories, learn from our expertise and find inspiration for your vacation to Grand Canyon West.


Grandest Girls Trip

Join two friends on an epic road trip that uncovers the history, culture, and activities that make Grand Canyon West so magnificent.

Landmark Meanings & Histories

Take a deeper look into the places you can visit at Grand Canyon West through the oral stories and historical accounts of the main points of interest as told by the Hualapai Tribe.

Hualapai History

Uncover how the Indigenous people of the Hualapai Tribe survived and thrived by looking at their past and learning more about this sovereign nation and what tourism means for them.

Rafting the Grand Experience

Follow along as Katie and her family embark on a river rafting adventure at Grand Canyon West. She shares her personal experiences from the moment she arrives to hoping on the bus back to the lodge.


Despite being wheelchair bound, Cheryl Clakre of Bay Minette, Alabama, wanted to ride the rapids. Discover how she was able to do just that at Grand Canyon West with the help of the Hualapai River Runners.

Grand Tour

Peek inside a family of three’s Grand Canyon West vacation with stops at Hualapai Lodge, Skywalk at Eagle Point, plus a helicopter ride to a river rafting expedition on the Colorado River.

A Grand Skywalk

Discover how family friendly Grand Canyon West really is from this mother who took her kids to the Skywalk where they ate lunch at Sa’Nyu Wa Restaurant, explored the old guano mine and rode a helicopter.

A Grand Getaway

Feel like you’re in a whitewater raft as you dive into this diary of an actual guests’ Hualapai River Runners two-day rafting trip. You’ll go along as they paddle through rapids, hike, sleep under the stars and helicopter back to the Skywalk.

Thrills from Grand Canyon West

Jenna and Michah share their couple’s trip to explore the beauty and excitement of the Grand Canyon’s west rim. They begin in their cabin before racing on zip lines, lunching at Eagle Point and walking the sky at Skywalk.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West

When Andrea’s family got their fill of Las Vegas, they looked to Grand Canyon West for even more family fun. Follow along as they walk the Skywalk and ride a helicopter to a pontoon boat ride down the Colorado River.

Whitewater Rafting Road Trip Adventures

Four friends take an epic two-week road trip that leads them to the Colorado River and Grand Canyon West. Follow along as they experience whitewater rafting and all the other experiences this awe-inspiring destination has to offer.



Did you know the Grand Canyon West Rim is about two hours from Las Vegas, Nevada? You can leave the city that never sleeps, travel to a world wonder and be back in time for dinner and drinks on the strip.


Did you know historic Peach Springs, Arizona, is about a two-hour drive north from Phoenix, Arizona, along an unspoiled stretch of historic Route 66? You can leave the concrete jungle and be in the great outdoors and get back in time for dinner.


Whether you’re from Las Vegas, Nevada, or Phoenix, Arizona, areas, you can easily access the Grand Canyon West Rim by car. When you’re ready to hit the open road for an exciting adventure, we have an itinerary planned for you!


When you have a long weekend and you’re itching for adventure, the Grand Canyon West has just what you need! We start with our two-day itinerary and add two more days for an epic adventure you’ll not soon forget.

What To Know

West Rim vs. South Rim

At 277 miles long and 18 miles wide, the Grand Canyon is expansive with entry points at the North, South, East and West rims of the canyon. By far, the two most popular spots for exploring this natural wonder are the South and West Rim. How do you choose?

Hualapai Experiences at GCW

Did you know Grand Canyon West is on the Hualapai reservation? Learn more about this sovereign Indian nation and self-sufficient tribe that brought attractions to the Canyon’s west rim, and discover the heritage and rich traditions of the Hualapai Nation.

Take a Walk on the Skywalk

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is nothing short of an engineering marvel. At 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor and extending 70 feet over the Canyon, there’s simply nothing like it anywhere in the world. So just what can you expect when you walk the Skywalk?

How to Get Tickets

When you’re ready to explore all that Grand Canyon West has to offer, you’ll need tickets to our one-of-a-kind and exhilarating attractions. Find out all the easy ways you can buy yours.

Grand Canyon at Home

You can experience a little bit of Grand Canyon West right from your living room or your office. We have coloring sheets and zoom backgrounds you can download for hours of fun.

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