Hualapai Indian Reservation



The Grand Canyon West is Forever Grand for a reason. Generation after generation has come to experience the Grand Canyon, meet the Hualapai Tribe and become one with the great outdoors. You’ll find enhanced opportunities to fully engage with our Hualapai culture and epic adventures found only at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim so you can make memories to pass on to your family.

Listen to our stories, learn from our expertise and find inspiration for your vacation to Grand Canyon West.

Visit the Hualapai Indian Reservation
  • The Meaning Behind the Places of Grand Canyon West

    The Meaning Behind the Places of Grand Canyon West

    KNOWLEDGE LEADS TO BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE HUALAPAI NATION HUALAPAI FACT: The eagle plays an essential role in Indigenous cultures. For the Hualapai, not only did the eagle save them from the great flood, upon a Hualapai’s death, it flies their spirit to the next world at midnight.  The Hualapai…

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  • Hualapai History

    Hualapai History

    Much like the National Park on the South rim, Grand Canyon West is recognized as Federal Land Status. Unlike the National Park, it is situated upon the Hualapai Indian Reservation. While the views are breathtaking, it’s the history of its people, their courage, and resilience that truly ignite the spirit. Before you step on the reservation,…

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  • Hualapai Experiences Grand Canyon West

    Hualapai Experiences Grand Canyon West

    When you visit Grand Canyon West, you are entering the Hualapai reservation, established in 1883. More than 1,600 people live here, with 1,353 tribal members. As a sovereign Indian nation, the Tribe is self-sufficient. One tribal enterprise is Grand Canyon West, offering an alternative to the Grand Canyon National Park. Guests are in for a…

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