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For a Day and Go to Grand Canyon West

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Did you know the Grand Canyon West Rim is about two hours from Las Vegas, Nevada? You can leave the city that never sleeps, travel to a world wonder and be back in time for dinner. And we have ideas for how you can get the most bang for your buck on this one-day road trip.

Load up the car and head east! You can take a direct route to get to Grand Canyon West faster, or take your time and stop by some other world-class attractions: the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Once you arrive at the Canyon, choose from one of these three itineraries to optimize your day trip.

Part 1

The West Rim

At least 24 hours before you hit the road for the Grand Canyon West, buy your general admission ticket online for the best value. This gives you unlimited access for the day to Eagle Point, Guano Point and Hualapai Ranch.

Part 2

Discover the Hualapai Tribe at Eagle Point

Eagle Point is aptly named for the eagle formation on the canyon you can see from this section of the rim. In addition to the stunning views at the West Rim, you can explore the Hualapai Tribe’s culture and traditions on the self-tour of the Native American Village and by watching the Native American performances held throughout the day. Don’t forget to pick up your souvenirs at the Creations by Native Hands Gift Shop, offering t-shirts, hats, handcrafted jewelry and weavings made by the Hualapai, Hopi and Mojave tribes.

Part 3

Hike and Explore Guano Point

Be prepared for breathtaking sights at one of the most dramatic viewpoints of the Grand Canyon. Follow the railing-less Highpoint Hike for stunning 360-degree views of the Canyon. Guano Point is named due to a guano bat cave discovery in 1930 that led to several unsuccessful attempts to mine nitrogen-rich guano for fertilizer. You can explore what’s left of the $3.5 million tramway system built to extract the guano, a monument left to man’s attempt to mine the canyon.

Part 4

Play at the Hualapai Ranch

Immerse yourself in the rustic life of the Wild West at The Hualapai Ranch. The traditional old west experiences include horseback riding, wagon rides, a shooting gallery, and free magic and gun fighting shows. Try your hand at lasso lessons and attempt to ride a mechanical bull. No trip is complete without a little shopping. At the ranch, you can find everything from cowboy hats and moccasins to old west toys and other Western merchandise at the Walapai Trading Post.

Part 5

Refuel Before You Head Out

All that exploring can wear you out. Refuel before you hit the road back to Las Vegas. Grand Canyon West serves great food with stunning views at a great value when you add a meal ticket to your general admission ticket redeemable at either Skywalk Cafe or Guano Point Cafe.

The Skywalk Cafe offers an a la carte menu with family favorites like hot dogs and chili cheese nachos plus interesting dishes, including falafel pita, carne asada street tacos and a lemon garlic hummus tray. At Guano Point Cafe, you’re treated to American comfort food, including meals featuring pot roast beef or baked chicken as well as a vegetarian masala meal.

Part 6

Add the Skywalk Experience

If you’ve got more time to explore, keep on going and add on the Skywalk by choosing the bundle, which includes general admission, a meal ticket for Guano Point Cafe or Skywalk Cafe and the Skywalk experience. You can walk the sky on the 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet over the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Part 7

Add the Zip Line Experience

If you’re looking for a different kind of thrill, start with your West Rim Experience and add on the Zip Line Experience by choosing the bundle, which includes general admission, a meal ticket for Guano Point Cafe or Skywalk Cafe and the Zip Line Experience. Ride the sky on 3,200 feet of heart pumping and adrenaline rushing zip lines at Hualapai Ranch

No matter how you choose to spend your day at Grand Canyon West, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time you’ll be talking about for years to come.

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