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The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West juts out over the canyon with a rainbow in the distance.

When you have a long weekend and you’re itching for adventure, the Grand Canyon West has just what you need! We start with our two-day itinerary and add two more days for an epic adventure you’ll not soon forget.


An expansive view of the Grand Canyon West Rim on a clear day with a few puffy white clouds overhead.

Whether you’re from Las Vegas, Nevada, or Phoenix, Arizona, areas, you can easily access the Grand Canyon West Rim by car. When you’re ready to hit the open road for an exciting adventure, we have an itinerary planned for you!


Day Trips From Phoenix - The Grand Canyon’s impressive walls rise into a cloudy ski and green shrubs and trees sprout along the base.

Did you know historic Peach Springs, Arizona, is about a two-hour drive north from Phoenix, Arizona, along an unspoiled stretch of historic Route 66? You can leave the concrete jungle and be in the great outdoors and get back in time for dinner.


A helicopter soars over the Hoover Dam on its way to the Grand Canyon West.

Did you know the Grand Canyon West Rim is about two hours from Las Vegas, Nevada? You can leave the city that never sleeps, travel to a world wonder and be back in time for dinner and drinks on the strip.