Shopping in Peach SpringsAt the Walapai Market

Gas up before you hit the road. Start your day with fresh-baked donuts or pastries and super-charged coffees, lattes and other espresso drinks. Pick up sub sandwiches and snacks for a picnic lunch, or a steak to grill for dinner at your campsite. Need hair-care products, diapers, or other sundries? The Walapai Market is your one-stop destination along the old Mother Road.

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Walapai Market

Stock Up at the Walapai Market

Located a minutes’ walk from the Hualapai Lodge on historic Route 66 in downtown Peach Springs, the Walapai Market features a fully stocked deli and butcher’s area, a pastry area, and a coffee bar complete with barista service. Plus, our shelves are stocked with anything else you need, from chips and salsa to fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to check out our daily food and drink specials to save on breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections, and connect to our complimentary Wi-Fi during your visit.